The Great Education Decision

Learning From The Past To Give Our Children An Eternal Future

Cover-InfusionSoftEducation is inescapably religious. Ultimately we have only two kinds of education humanistic in terms of Genesis 3:5 every man is his own god, and Christian, in terms of scripture, in terms of the triune God.

There can be no halting, indecision as we face the alternative. If we make the wrong choice, God will be no more favorable to us then he was to the compromisers of the Old Testament, who compromised with Baal and Baal worship.

The Great Education Decision exposes the six major secular worldviews that permeated into every corner of the Christian life including education. Most Christian schools, homeschools and Christian curriculum have been shaped by and, therefore, teach some of the same humanistic presuppositions of the public school system.

In The Great Education Decision, you will learn:

  1. How to identify the ungodly worldview that your children are being exposed to in their current educational system.
  2. How to make sure that your child’s education is based upon a purely biblical worldview.
  3. How to decide which Christian curriculum is best for your child.
Very few subjects are as important in our day as the issue of education. The future of eternal souls are at stake, and we must learn to think Biblically about the training and instruction of children. The Great Education Decision is an educator’s look at the contrasting worldviews and philosophies that war against each other in the great battle for hearts and minds. This book engages the important task of learning to take every thought about education captive, and make it obedient to Christ. I applaud Isaac Moffett for this well-argued and well-reasoned thesis. Israel Wayne
Author of Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship and Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview
Education in America has been twisted for a long time and is growing ever more perverse and chaotic. Mr. Moffett’s book is eye opening to anyone who is already aware and should take the breath from people just learning how the public education system is stealing our children. I urge all parents and caregiver’s to children of any age t read this book and act upon the knowledge therein.B. Barnes
Recommended reading for anyone either engaging in or considering home schooling as well as raising awareness of the inherent dangers in modern public or private school ideologies. Contrasts the underlying worldviews of education.. Moffett presents a well thought out alternative to the current humanist basis for current educational ethos via return to a Christian worldview.Fred Thompson

An excellent work enlightening both Christians and non-Christians why public education is dangerous for your children. Isaac Moffett outlines the proper foundation for the education of all children; that is it must be founded upon the unchanging, inspired and authoritative Word of God, the Bible. He details how to establish a curriculum that affirms the truth of scripture and how to discern the errors in studies, both secular and Christian, which are based in secular humanism. Rick David‎
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