“Teaching is an art, not science”…and is “very dangerous to apply the aims and methods of science to human beings as individuals… ‘Scientific’ relationship between human beings is bound to be inadequate and perhaps distorted.” Lesson planning does not make a teachers teaching scientific. “Teaching involves emotions, which cannot be systematically appraised and employed , and human values, which are quite outside the grasp of science. A ‘scientifically’ brought-up child would be pitable monster… ‘Scientific’ teaching, even of scientific subjects will be inadequate as long as both teachers and pupils are human beings. Teaching is not like inducing a chemical reaction: it is much more like painting a picture or making a piece of music, or on a lower level like planting a garden or writing a friendly letter. You must throw your heart into it, you must realize that it cannot all be done by formulas, or you will spoil your work, and your pupils, and your self.”

Gilbert Highet
The Art of Teaching (New York: Vintage Books, 1989), vii-viii

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