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Episode 67: Is the GED a Better Indicator of College Readiness Than a High School Diploma?

The New GED Performance Levels Announced

On January 26, 2016, I watched live as the GED Testing Service announced major changes to the GED exam.  After two years of study, GED Testing Service has decided to not just change the performance level indicators, but have also determined the old passing score was forcing GED graduates to meet a much higher performance standard than their high school graduate counterparts. Guess what they do and what it actually means?

In this episode, I explain the details and show how the GED might just be a better indicator of college and technical schools readiness than today’s high school diploma.

Episode 66: Chinese Immigrant: I have seen Common Core Before, in Communist China

Chinese-American Lily Tang Williams says Common Core reminds her of the Communist education she received under Mao Tse-tung

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Hundreds of thousands have been fighting the official federal takeover of public, private, and in large part, homeschool curriculum through the Common Core State Initiative.  Many of them see the similarities between the 20th-century totalitarian government schools systems and CCSS.  But often they are dismissed as using rhetoric, and living in the cold Cold War. But what would you say, if someone who lived in China under Mao Tse-tung rule, who completed her education in China and said, yes Common Core is the same standards and expectations Mao demanded of her and her classmates?

Yes, in fact, Lily Tang Williams has seen Common Core before!  It was the same education program she and her countrymen were forced to endure, and it has cost them and their country dearly.  Tune in this week, as we discuss Mrs. Willaiam’s Chinese education roots and experiences and how they compare to what she sees in Common Core.

Now this is really cool to hear. Orthodox Jews singing the 120th Psalm (Psalms 121).

This video is of a presentation that I gave at The Truth for the Next Generation Conference a few weeks ago in South Carolina. It is fully edited with an introduction including a music soundtrack. In addition, every important power-point slide with survey data, scripture, and secular humanist quotes is 100% integrated within the video. This could be a very useful resource to encourage Christian parents to abandon the Public Schools and provide their children with a purely Biblical education for the glory of God. It could also be useful in challenging pastors with a strong gospel centered, Great Commission focused, Biblical case against Public Education that ends with a call for pastors to rescue the flock of God that Jesus has given them from the Public Schools. The following are some of the questions that I answered:

  • Are the Public Schools Mission Fields or Indoctrination Centers?
  • Do the Public Schools sabotage the Gospel?
  • Should Christian Parents send their Children to the Public Schools?
  • Should we send them as Student Missionaries?
  • What does the Bible have to say?

This presentation exposes the Public Schools as indoctrination centers, demolishes both the “Christian Liberty” and the “Salt and Light” arguments, lovingly calls the church to abandon public education, and challenges pastors to rescue the church.

Watch this presentation, compare it to the Word of God, and if what I am saying is true, share the link to this video with your friends, family, and every pastor you know.

Want evidence of how biased the public school’s textbooks are?  Check this video out and receive Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s book The Stealth Curriculum: Manipulating America’s History Teachers for free.


Get The Stealth Curriculum: Manipulating America’s History Teachers by Sandra Stotsky for free!

Episode 65: Framers Presupposition, Civil Government Jurisdiction, & the Abolition of the Civil Government Education System

Join returning guest Kevin Novak as we discuss these topics and more

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After a long a long absence away from the mic, The Great Education Struggle is back.  Join Virginia attorney and president of Deconstructing the Collision, Kevin R. Novak as we discuss framers presupposition, the proper jurisdiction of the civil government, and the abolition of the civil government education system.

The Seismic Shift of Our Lifetime

Lawsuits and criminal trials will proliferate against Christians

It was June 26, 2015. A seismic shift occurred at the very foundations of this country, which will hold profound implications for the family, freedom and family freedoms in particular. Christian families are just now waking up to the reality of what happened.

Do you like freedom? Is it a value to you and your family? We believe freedom is a value worth fighting for. And the 2016 elections provide a key opportunity we may not see again for a long time. We have a shot at restoring freedoms, and thatís why the timing couldnít be better for the Freedom 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference on November 6-7, in Des Moines, IA.

Our Freedoms are Under Attack Big Time

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage holds ìno comfort for religious peoples in this nation. Christian businesses will be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for not participating in homosexual weddings.

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Lawsuits and criminal trials will proliferate against Christian pastors, Christian accountants, Christian landlords, and Christian schools. Christian employees will no doubt lose their jobs. Christian chaplains and Christian armed forces personnel are highly vulnerable now.

Episode 64: Magna Carta, Robin Hood, & America

The root of the U.S. Constitution with KrisAnn Hall

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On June 19th, 2015 America and Great Britain celebrated the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta. This small piece of paper represents one of the two greatest documents westerns have, yet most know nothing about it.  We can tell you about Robin Hood, Russel Crow and Kevin Costner versions, but we cannot tell you where the backdrop of this fictional story came from. But, without it, we do not the Bill of rights or our Constitution.  We simply would not have the United States of America.

Long, long ago, students were taught the principles of liberty in the school houses and homes, but that has long since passed away. While Common Core promises to equip today’s children to be able to work in the 21st century, it does nothing to prepare them to live and operate as a free individual in a republic.

Bring your family around and join returning guest, KrisAnn Hall, as we discuss the significance of the Magna Carta.

Pastor JC Hall gave a fiery message in support of Florida Citizens Alliance and their efforts to Stop Common Core in Florida.


Pastor Hall does not speak for FLCA but supports the efforts of all those fighting against Common Core. There are several bills in the Florida legislature and we encourage the citizens of Florida to educate themselves on those bills and tell their legislators to Stop Common Core in Florida and return educational control to the parents in their local districts.