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I have been involved with education for over 13 years as a public school teacher as well as a public and private school administrator.  I was the principle founder of Nampa Classical Academy (NCA), a public charter school in Nampa, Idaho. Under my vision and leadership, NCA became the first charter school to be approved at the first hearing before the Idaho Public Charter School Commission and in its first year of operation, became the 3rd largest charter school in Idaho.

“My personal mission statement as a Christian educator and father is to bring our children to the fullest understanding of the holiness of God. This begins by awakening and informing Christian parents.”

I took on the State of Idaho when they reversed course and forbade the objective use of the Bible in the classroom as textbook for ancient Hebrew history and literature as allowed by the U.S. Supreme Court in past years. In spite of the power of the State and the State’s attempt to intimidate me through coercion and false accusations, I stood firm and took the federal suit to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I began to realize something was terribly wrong with the American education system when I took my first education course and through additional private study into the educational theorist I and my fellow student teachers were being taught to emulate, I discovered these theorist worldviews and thus their true aim of their educational theories being propagated throughout the public school system.

After my experience with the State of Idaho and NCA, I was introduced to two documentaries, Agenda and InDoctrination. These two documentaries tied everything I had researched together and it was at that point I knew he had  to help inform and awaken other Christian parents and Americans in general.

Moreover, upon returning to Scripture and identifying what the Word of God has to say about educating the next generation, I realized God has commanded fathers to educate their children and at no time was the father to abdicate his responsibility to the State. More importantly, the purpose for education was not so one can get a good job as the secularist claim, but so man can fulfill his God ordained purpose in this life and in eternity. This clearly cannot be done in a school system that is anti-Christian in every aspect of its existence.

I have been interviewed by Robert F. Kennedy’s youngest son, Douglas Kennedy of Fox News Channel and have been featured on The Kevin Miller Program on 580 KIDO in Boise, Idaho, Reach America in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Across America on 650 AM in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and numerous publications.

I have earned a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership, a Post-Bachelor’s of Arts Secondary Teacher Certification in Social Studies and History, Bachelors of Arts in Social & Behavioral Science, and an Associate Degree in Secondary Education.

My first book, The Great Education Decision: Learning From The Past To Give Our Children An Eternal Future, was published in 2015.

I live in Lewiston, Idaho with my wife Tracy, three daughters and one son.

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